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Electrical wiring service completed by LNE electrical mid progress photo showing live earth and neutral electrical wires

Electrical Wiring

Get expert electrical repair services for your home or business. Our certified electricians offer quick fixes to major installations, ensuring your electrical systems are safe and efficient. Whether it's circuit breaker troubles or emergency services, we provide reliable, cost-effective solutions. Contact us for professional electrical support and keep your power running smoothly.
Electrical installation in a domestic home installing some more wiring mid progress shot

Electrical Installation

Upgrade your space with expert electrical installation services. Our certified electricians handle everything from lighting to electrical panel upgrades for homes and businesses. We prioritise safety, efficiency, and quality, ensuring your installations meet the highest standards. For reliable and tailored electrical solutions, contact us and power your space with confidence.
additional plug sockets being added to a customers home, changing a single socket to a double socket

Additional Plug Sockets

Boost your electrical access with our plug socket addition service. Our experienced electricians ensure quick and safe installations, giving you the power where you need it most. Ideal for upgrading or supporting new tech, our service enhances convenience and safety. Contact us to extend your outlet access efficiently.
domestic and commercial electrical work being carried out at an office for a business in ramsgate kent

Domestic And Commercial

Upgrade your electrical setup with our services for homes and businesses. From additional sockets to full installations and repairs, we ensure safe, efficient power for any space. Our experts deliver fast, reliable service, tailored to your needs. Enhance functionality and safety with our comprehensive electrical solutions. Contact us for professional support that meets both domestic and commercial demands.
LNE electrical emergency call out service, van travelling to broadstairs, margate, ramsgate minster and whitstable

Emergency Call Outs

Get instant help with our 24/7 emergency electrical service. Our certified electricians quickly tackle power outages and safety issues, ensuring your space is safe and powered. Fast, efficient, and reliable, we're here for you anytime you need urgent electrical support. Contact us for prompt professional assistance.
full house or building rewire completed

Full Rewires

Modernise your property with our efficient full rewire service. Our professionals replace outdated wiring, boosting safety and functionality. Perfect for renovations or older buildings, we enhance your electrical system's efficiency and safety. Contact us for a quick, comprehensive rewiring solution.
indoor lighting being installed at a customers house in ramsgate, they have a LED batton

Indoor Lighting

Transform your indoor areas with our custom lighting services. Our expert electricians design and install ambient, task, and decorative lighting to enhance your space's aesthetics and functionality. From cozy atmospheres to efficient workspaces, we optimize lighting for beauty and energy efficiency. Contact us to illuminate your interiors with tailored lighting solutions.
Up Down LED outdoor light installed at modern customers home no visible wires warm white LED

Outdoor Lighting

Illuminate your outdoor area with our expert lighting services. From garden ambiance to security lighting, our team crafts and installs custom solutions to enhance beauty, safety, and functionality. Opt for our energy-efficient lighting to elevate your exterior. Contact us for tailored outdoor lighting that combines style with practicality.
Electrical power and data being installed in a outbuild at the back of a customers garden

Power To Outbuilds

Power your outbuildings efficiently with our electrical service. From workshops to sheds, our electricians ensure a safe, reliable power supply for lighting, tools, and more. Enhance the functionality of your external structures with our expert solutions. Contact us for secure, precise electrification of your outbuildings.

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